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New paper out: Optimal management of genetic diversity in subdivided populations

A new paper, in which I have collaborated, has been published today with the following reference López-Cortegano, E., Pouso, R., Labrador, A., Pérez-Figueroa, A., Fernández, J., Caballero, A. (2019). Optimal management of genetic diversity in subdivided populations. Frontiers in Genetics, 10:843. The objective in this study is to examine the consequences of choosing a conservation strategy based on maximizing either heterozygosity or allelic diversity of SNP haplotypes in a subdivided population.

Metapop2: re‐implementation of software for the analysis and management of subdivided populations using gene and allelic diversity

Management programs often have to make decisions based on the analysis of the genetic properties and diversity of populations. Expected heterozygosity (or gene diversity) and population structure parameters are often used to make recommendations for …